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Dream bigger

Sure, your office job pays well, but think how much more you could be making as an exotic dancer. We can train you.

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Seeking Crunchy Man Who Goes Well With Ketchup

Big and beautiful single eternal seeks single human male for serious short term relationship. Love long walks on the beach and bonfires. Dwarves need not apply. (Thanks Brady)

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Start saving now for your puppy’s future

That bundle of fur won’t be in obedience school forever and the modern dog needs a college education to get ahead.

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And Egymakation

Thay dun teech english but its ok cuz its half of. U dun need riting 2 b sucesful… suckces… cuksesfu… to make alot of $$$.

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asdf wth to you too

I’m tempted to like and I’m not sure why.

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Yay, needlepoint.

Needlepoint pillows make your hair shine and your smile sparkle.

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Restaurant fun

Mmmmm customizable soylent green is on the menu.  Make mine middle aged bald guy.

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